Registration Number: 2022/506181/07
  Company Secretary: CTSE Registry Services Proprietary Limited
  +2763 913 3316
   Block A, Unit 4, 1st Floor Sussex Office Park, Pretoria, 81, Gauteng, South Africa
nReach Capitis SPV ONE (Pty) Ltd

Issue Date

12 September 2022

Maturity Date

12 September 2027

Amount Issued

7 000 000

Coupon Rate


Coupon Type


Coupon Frequency

Zero Coupon

Book Close Date

06 September 2027



Market Identifier


Trading Service

Listed Debt

nReach Capitis SPV’s business will, following the Programme Date, comprise of the raising of investment capital through the issue of Notes, under the Programme, pursuant to the Programme Memorandum. The proceeds of the issue of a Tranche of Notes will be used to invest in various equity-type and debt-type instruments issued by certain unlisted going-concern businesses, ideally in those businesses where nReachCapitis Proprietary Limited has already invested as a General Partner and Fund Manager under its various fund platforms"

Industry Classification

Financial Services

Listing Date

12 September 2022

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